We are a professional Web Design and Hosting company serving small businesses and bloggers.  Colin Robinson, the founder, has always been on the leading edge of computer technology and started building websites as a hobby in 2003.  It soon became a small business concentrating on IT support as well as building websites for small companies in the Atlanta, GA area.  In late 2009, his wife, Mary, became part of the business and together they named the company MC Tech.  As the small business grew, it became necessary to incorporate.  In early 2011, Colin files papers with the U.S. State of Georgia and the MC Tech Company LLC was born.

Since Incorporation

Since the incorporation in 2011, MC Tech has concentrated on building websites. We have also moved into website support services with a view to providing an all in one solution for our clients. Below are some of our additional services:

In more recent years, the MC Tech Company has not only focused on Building Websites but also partnering with our customers.  Unlike like other website building and SEO companies, we feel it’s in our clients best interest to support and teach them in updating and maintaining their own sites.

New Website with Customer Support Portal

In early 2017, Colin built and launched MC Tech’s new website with a customer portal. Our existing clients can log in to view their services, pay their bills and submit and see the status of support tickets.

Work Smart and Travel

Colin also runs a Travel Blog, Work Smart and Travel.  Originally started as an experiment in Search Engine Optimization, Work Smart and Travel has gained a healthy following and become a successful travel blog. It is now part of the MC Tech Company LLC.

Company Business and Legal Info

The MC Tech Company LLC is Incorporated in the U.S. State Of Georgia and is fully licensed and insured to provide Web Site Services.  We are happy to provide copies of our business license and proof of insurance upon request to sales@mctech.us

Here's some of our work: